More a Democrat than the Democrats?

On Relationships and Political Confusion Earlier this month Council Member Sally Clarke officially vacated her Seattle City Council seat which she held since an appointment to that position in 2006. Clark moved to the University of Washington to fill the new role of Director of Regional and Community Relations, with a pay of $155,000. Over … Continue reading

Ferguson: Interview with grassroots activist

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“People want change. They don’t want the illusion of change. They don’t want the appearance of change. They understand that the system is broken, it’s corrupt, it’s racist. And change cannot come from within that system.” So speaks Bgyrl4life, grassroots activist in Ferguson as she reflects on the events of last…

The Failing Justice System

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I know there has been a lot of talk about what happened at the Metropolitan King County Council meeting when they voted unanimously for the new Children and Family ‘Justice’ Center; the Jail, Prison, School-to-Prison Pipeline, factory, warehouse for our children. This is what really went down. The lid on Pandora’s…

Give Sawant the Benefit of the Doubt

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There has been a small buzz around Sawant’s recent photo opportunity and kind words toward Democrat Larry Gossett.  It has apparently caused one upset open letter from a Socialist Alternative member, and also been a recurring theme with a comrade who has raised multiple criticisms of the organization.  (Apparently the Socialist…

Gentrification in the City, Gentrification in the Left

Since the open publishing of Seattle Socialist Alternative and the Black Lives Matter Movement last week, I’ve received quite a lot of much appreciated support from, in particular, activists in Seattle, Outside Agitators 206 participants, as well as both current and former members of Socialist Alternative nationally. A small minority of responses were negative, much of … Continue reading