Debate within Socialist Alternative

via Debate within Socialist Alternative — oaklandsocialist The open support for liberal Democrat Bernie Sanders by Socialist Alternative provoked a debate within that group back in the first part of 2016. In response, the leadership of Socialist Alternative sent around an internal document defending their position.  A few former members of Socialist Alternative were given … Continue reading

From the Archive: “Proposals on Political Clarity and Orientation for the Vote Sawant Campaign”

In September of 2013 Socialist Alternative was mere months away from a radical breakthrough in city politics. However, the gains that were to be made were not without their own contradictions. Below I republish the criticism I wrote then, of Socialist Alternative’s General Election Campaign Plan for the Sawant city council run. In this document … Continue reading

Their Socialism and Ours: On Sanders

Their Socialism and Ours: On Sanders A specter is haunting Socialism – the specter of Sanders. The presidential run of Bernie Sanders, a nominally “independent” Senator from Vermont, has garnered at least nearly 200,000 claimed volunteers and $73 million in donations in 2015. His campaign has been heralded by the Left for it’s unabashedly populist … Continue reading